Scratch® Junior is a super-fun way to introduce your child to the wonders of coding!  Drag, drop, click... you'll be amazed at what they can do! 


The NextGen SmartyPants® curriculum keeps things fresh and introduces new projects for kids to learn to use Scratch® Junior in many different ways.  These include programs for Video Game Design, Computer Animation, Story-Telling, Computer Graphic Arts, and more. 
So that you can drop-in with your child at days/times that are convenient for you, we've organized our classes as short, 1-hour segments.  However, repetition and regular practice are keys to learning how to code successfully.  Therefore, we 'highly' recommend signing up for 1-2 hour time slot, once per week for 4 or more weeks.  Your child can start anytime and your Teacher will help them build off of what they learned previously so that their skills continue to grow!  

Learning Format

  • Week-Long Model: Students learn with us once per day every day for 1-hour for one week. Follow-up programs are offered one week at a time.


No prior experience in Coding is required to take this course. Recommended for students ages ages 4 to 7.