COVID Cohorts

COVID Cohorts

Making it easier for parents and kids to learn safely.

COVID Cohorts

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. In order to help keep our kids safe, school systems across the country have implemented a myriad of Hybrid Models that vary from district to district. That’s why we created “COVID Cohorts,” a redesign of our award-winning STEM program schedule that mimics the most common "Hybrid Models" and to make it easier for parents and kids to keep learning safely. Most of these programs are offered via Live Distance Learning, but some are available as In-Person learning at our maker studio in Canton, CT.

COVID Cohort Options

Look through our options, and determine what best aligns with your child's school system.

Alternate Weeks Model

In the Alternate Weeks Model, students learn with us every day (Monday-Friday) for a week, similar to the Week-Long Model. However, follow-up programs are offered every other week, instead of every week.

Can we help?

NextGen SmartyPants is happy to help you determine the best learning path for you or your child. Just let us know.