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LEGO SuperHeroes teaches kids how to tell a story using LEGO as their art medium.

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Course Description

Build Something Super!

Calling all LEGO® fans!! Quick... to the BatCave... or Lair ...or Hideout, or... you decide!
LEGO® SuperHeroes teaches kids how to use basic artistic skills like framing, composition, symmetry, meaning of colors, etc. to tell a compelling story! Students use their love of LEGO® and access to more than 30,000 LEGO® bricks to create scenarios, buildings, equipment, landscapes, lettering, and more.  Older, more advanced builders learn basic LEGO® building techniques as a precursor to our Intermediate-level LEGO® Master Builder series of courses.
Where will your SuperHero live?  What will be in it?  What powers will they have?  How will you show it?  How will they get to the crime scene? Or... is yours a Villain that creates trouble for SuperHeroes?!  Let the creativity fly, learn cool LEGO® building techniques, and have a blast with your friends building a vast fantasy world in the ultimate LEGO® building experience!
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