Advanced LEGO® CITY – Space City

Advanced LEGO® CITY – Space City



Advanced LEGO® CITY
Space City & SpaceCraft Design

How are our beloved Mini-figures going to live on the Moon?  What will be different about living on Mars?  What is our Space City going to look like as a Space Station or on another planet or in a far off galaxy?  Each day, students brainstorm and decide what type of CITY they are going to make and work together to create vast LEGO® landscapes for the beloved mini-figures!  Finally, students work together to build their civilization, each on doing their part to construct skyscrapers, parks, police stations, hair salons, malls, hospitals, gas stations, and anything else their mini-figures will need to live and thrive in their Space City. 

Advanced students learn advanced building and design techniques like SNOT, hinge-elements, scale, and more as the design and create their own SpaceCraft.  Let the creativity soar in the ultimate LEGO® building experience!