Intermediate Power Machines Robotics: WeDo® Robotics + Scratch®

Intermediate Power Machines Robotics: WeDo® Robotics + Scratch®


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Intermediate Power Machines Robotics is held every Saturday thru December 21, 2019.


Power Machines Robotics:

Programming WeDo® Robotics using Scratch®


Take your Robotics beyond WeDo®, your Coding beyond Scratch®, and your Engineering beyond Technic®.  Use all three together to create awesome motorized vehicles like trucks, space rovers, helicopters, and more in this super-fun class!  Students have so much fun and learn about gears, pulleys, sensors, and coding to bring their models to life!  Build, learn, and play!


Intermediate Power Machines Robotics is a second-level course in robotics using the LEGO® WeDo® 2.0 system.  Students build off of what they have learned in our introductory-level WeDo® Robotics classes, Scratch® Coding, and Technic® Engineering classes by combining traditionally separate technologies into a unified solution.  These lead to more real-life situations that are often technology-agnostic with more complex challenges and fewer instructions in how to create solutions to problems.


Recommended for Ages 10-Adult.  Previous experience in beginner classes of WeDo® Robotics, Scratch® Coding, and Technic® Engineers is required.

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