Intermediate Robotics using SPIKE Prime – Summer Camp

Intermediate Robotics using SPIKE Prime – Summer Camp


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Intermediate Robotics:
Introduction to SPIKE Prime Robotics

The new SPIKE Prime robotics system from LEGO Education helps kids build on their experiences using WeDo 2.0 Robotics and Scratch Coding to give them much more control, advanced sensors, greater abilities to integrate technologies, and design extraordinary solutions to problems!  SPIKE Prime uses a drag-and-drop interface similar to WeDo 2.0, but adds many more motors, sensors, functionality, and complexity.  It also adds a Scratch-like Coding system to allow for more custom programming systems with fine control of parameters.   

Recommended for ages 10-Adult.  Previous experience in Beginner Robotics using WeDo 2.0 and Beginner Coding using Scratch is required.

Summer Camps:

Monday 6/22-Friday 6/26 @ 1PM-3PM

Monday 6/29-Friday 7/2 @ 11AM-1PM

Monday 8/3-Friday 8/7 @ 1PM-3PM