Junior LEGO® CITY: Mini-figure Adventures

Junior LEGO® CITY: Mini-figure Adventures


Please note Monday 6/29 – Thursday 7/2 is a 4-day week in observance of the July4th, 3-day holiday weekend.
NextGen SmartyPants will be open on July 3rd, however this camp is listed as a 4-day camp as needed for most families!

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Mini-figure Adventures

In Junior LEGO® CITY – Mini-Figure Adventures, kids work together to create vast LEGO® landscapes for the beloved mini-figures to enjoy and experience!  Each day, students brainstorm and decide what type of CITY the wanted to make.  Is it in an urban CITY, in the mountains, in the rainforest, on a space station, or some far off planet.  Is our world in the present, the past, or some far off future galaxy?  And what would life be like in that place?  Finally, students work together to build their civilization and doing their part to construct skyscrapers, parks, police stations, hair salons, malls, hospitals, gas stations, and anything else their mini-figures will need to live and thrive in their city. 

In addition to learning about cities, kids have a ton of fun learning LEGO® building and design techniques like symmetry, color, and more.  Let the creativity soar in the ultimate LEGO® building experience! 

Summer Camps:
Monday 6/29 – Thursday 7/2 @ 4PM-6PM
Monday 8/10 – Friday 8/14 @ 4PM-6PM


NextGen SmartyPants
The Shops at Farmington Valley
Canton, CT 06019