Intermediate Coding: Learning Javascript using MakeCode

Intermediate Coding: Learning Javascript using MakeCode


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Intermediate Coding
Learning Javascript® using MakeCode®

Has your child become comfortable Coding with Scratch® and are looking to take it up a notch?  Learning Javascript® is a great next step… it’s used everywhere; they’ve mostly already interacted with it; and they can see quick result outputs from their code.  But transitioning to a text-based programming language like Javascript® can be daunting and the challenge can demotivate kids enough to stop learning how to code.  

NextGen SmartyPants® now uses MakeCode® to help make the transition to Javascript® smoother.  MakeCode® by Microsoft® has the similar drag-and-drop interface kids are used to with Scratch®, but also has a conversion tab that converts their program into Javascript®.  We use this ability to teach kids how Javascript® relates to what they’ve already done and transition them over time to Coding with Javascript® exclusively.  It’s a great way to learn and obtain successes with one of the world’s most prevalent programming languages!

Help your child expand their Coding skills with Javascript® using MakeCode®!

Recommended for ages 10-Adult.  Previous experience with Scratch® or MakeCode® is recommended.



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