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STEM Classes & Camps for Kids & Adults

NextGen SmartyPants in Bloomfield is uniquely focused towards fostering and developing essential 21st Century and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) skills like Problem-Solving, Critical thinking, Creativity and Collaboration in a hands-on and practical but fun learning environment. We believe that “Making” can transform the way we all learn, from preschoolers through retirees. Contact us today and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have!

Our Studio Serving Bloomfield, CT

The Shoppes at Farmington Valley, 110 Albany Turnpike Suite #909,
Canton, CT 06019

(860) 272-4000

Monday: 2pm-6pm
Tuesday: 2pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 2pm – 6pm
Thursday: 2pm – 6pm
Friday: 2pm – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

All programs are held at our Maker Studio located at The Shops at Farmington Valley in Canton, CT, but we may also be able to bring our STEAM classes to your school depending on location.

Our Teaching Methodology for STEM Education

teacher with student during steam class

Even if your child isn’t destined to become an engineer or mathematician, STEAM/STEM education is increasingly valued by educators for its ability to foster creative approaches to problem-solving and skill-building. Best of all, these enrichment classes emphasize fun, so kids needn’t worry that a class in, say, robotics or coding is just “more school.”

STEAM Programs We Offer

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It is clear that young people with competency in the STEAM disciplines are more likely to prosper both in their lives and in their careers. Today’s young people are already finding that more and more jobs require proficiency in STEAM disciplines. Our schools need to make sure they’re prepared. Our STEAM/STEM classes prepare our kids and adults all while at their own pace.

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We empower kids to become engineers, programmers, inventors, entrepreneurs, to be anything they want to be, the opportunities are endless! Learning doesn’t have to stop, once it’s the summertime, SmartyPants NextGen in Bloomfield is excited to offer our services all year round! This is a great way to inspire the kids of the future, all while having fun!

STEM/STEAM Education Programs

Teacher Training


For young children, learning activities help them develop early literacy skills, executive function abilities and early math knowledge. We offer hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). Geared for students ages 9-17, beginner to advanced. Jump-start your future with cutting-edge experience in the exciting world of STEAM! From coding and game development to robotics and design, you’ll build in-demand skills and the confidence to problem-solve and innovate like a pro.

Team Building Event


An emphasis has been put on childhood STEM education that many people in the earlier generations did not experience. With technology constantly advancing, it is a necessity in order to prepare children for their futures and possible STEM careers. Enhancing knowledge on STEM skills can benefit adults in a variety of different ways. It will allow them to be able to better mentor children on the topics and be involved in a variety of youth STEM programs. It can also have major benefits on the individual’s health. With the right approach, adults can learn new STEM material just as effectively and efficiently as children can. It is never too late and no one is ever too old to expand their knowledge on something that is so prevalent in today’s society- such as STEM.  Get started with NextGen SmartyPants offering STEM/STEAM classes for adults.


It’s never too late to learn! NextGen SmartyPants serving Bloomfield is excited to help you reach your full potential. Reach out today to learn more!