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STEM Classes & Camps for Kids & Adults

At NextGen SmartyPants, we can offer you or your Rocky Hills, CT child the STEAM classes, camps, afterschool programs and technology education for professionals necessary to start or continue one’s interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Through these activities customized for all ages, we can place you or your child in a proper room and keep skills at their level.

Reach out to us if any of our STEAM activities sound fun and enriching for you and your child, and NextGen SmartyPants will help you find your newest passion.

Our Studio Serving Rock Hills, CT

The Shoppes at Farmington Valley, 110 Albany Turnpike Suite #909,
Canton, CT 06019

(860) 272-4000

Monday: 2pm-6pm
Tuesday: 2pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 2pm – 6pm
Thursday: 2pm – 6pm
Friday: 2pm – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

All programs are held at our Maker Studio located at The Shops at Farmington Valley in Canton, CT, but we may also be able to bring our STEAM classes to your school depending on location.

Our Teaching Methodology for STEM Education

teacher with student during steam class

NextGen SmartyPants is dedicated to helping both kids and adults find a new passion in STEAM subjects such as engineering, art and robotics. Through our structured curriculum, we want to help you gain problem solving skills that can help you navigate the real world with a newfound confidence and self-motivation to solve problems independently. There are classes, camps and afterschool programs to take in order to satisfy your own appetite. Overall, our goal is to help pepole learn at their own pace so anyone who uses our programs can take something from it in a positive way.

STEAM Programs We Offer

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NextGen SmartyPants serves Rocky Hills children and adults in the fields of STEAM, as we offer weekly afterschool classes for people across Connecticut. Subjects like 3D printing, circuits, coding, engineering, lego building, personal finance, robotics and more are offered through our program, and we tailor these experiences around people as young as preschool aged.

children working in a classroom


Rocky Hills adults and children who don’t have the time to attend a weekly course are able to check out our camp programs, which give focused time to it over an accelerated period of time. We divide these camps into several age brackets, such Junior programs focused on younger kids 4-7 and advanced programs meant for ages 13+. We hope our hands-on experiences in these camps encourage a love of STEAM throughout their lives.

STEM/STEAM Education Programs

Teacher Training


Rocky Hills children who are interested in learning about STEAM can take our courses either in our studio or in their own schools. We design programs to be made around their age groups, because we don’t want a Junior student (ages 4-7) to be going at the same pace of an Advanced (13+) student. We offer several types of classes for children like robotics, engineering and coding so they are able to use their skills in the digital age.

Team Building Event


STEAM activities can be enjoyed at any age, and we want to extend our educational services beyond children. We offer several classes for adults to take if they feel like learning a new hobby or exploring a new passion, such as engineering, 3D printing and robotics. But you don’t have to be a novice to join our classes, as we invite any Rocky Hills teachers and professional educators to come talk with us to see how they can apply our methods into their classrooms.


NextGen Smarty Pants works to make young minds and adults just as passionate about STEAM as its instructors are. We hold classes for anyone curious about these subjects at our Canton studio or at a school in Rocky Hills. If you want to take one of our courses like robotics or coding, give us a call today to find out how you can get started!