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NextGen SmartyPants

Keep your child engaged, having fun, and learning a ton, all Summer long with NextGen SmartyPants Summer Camps!

Programs listed here are held on weekends through out Summer-2022 at our Maker Studio in Canton, CT.  Click below to download the Calendar or below to register!


Weekend STEAM Classes

For those of you who have had your children register for NextGen SmartyPants' After-School Enrichment programs during the school year, our Summer Weekend Class schedule will feel similar to you!

Each Saturday and Sunday throughout the Summer, we are hosting 1-hour classes held once per week. All classes are available for registration for 1-, 2-, or 3-hour segments at a time beginning at 3PM. They are available as a one-time registration, last-minute drop-in, or regular multi-week program. Subjects change every few weeks, giving your child opportunities to build off of previous weeks, as well as, experience a number of different programs throughout the Summer.

As always, if we can assist with choosing the right program for your child, just drop us a line at (860) 272-4000 or