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As detailed in our Covid-19 Protocols, at this time, we are limiting enrollment of all In-Person programs to ‘five’ children in our shop at any one time.  This may severely limit how many of our programs will be available for you and your children.  Therefore, we have setup more frequent, shorter-duration programs in order to accommodate as many children as possible, while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.  

Our In-Person Summer Camps are available during four sessions each day at the following times:  

  • 9AM-11AM
  • 11AM-1PM 
  • 1PM-3PM 
  • 3PM-5PM

Each In-Person Summer Camp is available as a 1-hour signup with a 2nd-hour option, held everyday for a week.  Each child is provided their own table and workstation.  All materials, equipment, and surroundings are sanitized after each use.  Masks are required to participate in our In-Person programs.

Kids are welcome to bring their lunch, snacks or drinks.  However, please, no nuts!  For children ages 6 and up, Parents are welcome to stay or drop-off their child as you prefer.   For children 5 and under, Parents are required to stay for the class with their child.  If you have any questions regarding anything associated with our programs, please contact us at anytime at (860) 272-4000 or