About Us

How NextGen SmartyPants' STEAM Classes inspire children and adults alike to develop a love for learning.

Who We Are

Our team of skilled engineers, teachers, and parents use STEAM curriculum to inspire curiosity amongst both children and adults, fostering their enthusiasm to want to learn more.

Our Mission

NextGen SmartyPants partners with educational institutions to offer programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) through both Live In-Person programs in Connecticut and Live Distance Learning. Students are able to grow into the best versions of themselves when they feel inspired, empowered, and motivated to do so. That's why we keep our learning curriculum fun and flexible: modifying our content based on the student level to keep the content enjoyable and stress-free.

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Our Curriculum

We center our curriculum around a student’s ability to ideate, create, and problem-solve. Students gain the ability to articulate for themselves, and are inspired to use the skill sets they develop in their creative endeavors beyond the classroom.

Meet Paras

Mr. Paras Patani is the Founder of NextGen SmartyPants®, LLC, a company dedicated to preparing our children for a future sure to be full of technology. He is also the Executive Director of the NextGen SmartyPants Foundation to bring these programs for free to children in underprivileged neighborhoods.

Prior to starting NextGen SmartyPants®, Paras was the Founder and CEO of Castle Surgical®, where he and a Urology Oncologist collaborated on the invention and patenting of a surgical device to treat Kidney Cancer. Paras has a BS Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an MBA from Babson College, and Executive Education from Yale University School of Management. Most importantly, Paras is the Father of an amazing 9 year old little girl, Arushi, who is his inspiration for NextGen SmartyPants® and everything else he does.