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Learn more about how we implement our high-quality standards and what we expect from our Teachers.


High-Quality Education

NextGen SmartyPants is committed to providing the highest quality STEAM education to children.  This commitment requires that we hire, employ, and retain experienced Teachers that are committed to delivering on this promise. With our country's current and ongoing Teacher Shortage, ensuring adherence to our high quality standards is more difficult than ever. As a Parent of one of our Students, you have a right to expect consistent, high-quality performance from each of our Instructors. If at any time this is not the case, I invite you to contact me directly. We love and respect our Teachers immensely for their commitment to bringing out the best in our Students. Quality does come at a price and we know our prices can be higher than other comparable STEAM education programs. By ensuring rights of Parents, respecting our Teachers, and appropriately balancing our pricing with our compensation, our goal is to provide your children and our Students with fun, engaging, project-based STEAM educational programs that will benefit them for a lifetime.
Paras Patani
Founder of NextGen SmartyPants



NextGen SmartyPants Teachers are among the best in the business. Learn more about the performance expectations we implement in our hiring processes, background checks, and ongoing performance improvement of our educational staff.



Nothing is more important to us at NextGen SmartyPants than the safety of children.  Each NextGen SmartyPants Teacher has undergone the following evaluations as part of our hiring processes:
  • Possess at least one, preferably four or more years prior experience leading and working with children
  • Many of our Teachers are themselves Parents of elementary or middle school-aged children
  • Has demonstrated a commitment to providing high-quality education to children
  • Has completed a college degree or is pursuing a degree in Education or a related field
  • Many of our Teachers possess advanced degrees and/or ABA certifications
  • Has been interviewed by multiple members of the NextGen SmartyPants educational staff
  • Has passed nationwide criminal background checks
  • Has passed reference checks of prior experiences
  • Has been requested for a recommendation by a prior employer whenever possible
  • Has passed Child Abuse Prevention Training by an accredited training provider outside of NextGen SmartyPants

Continuous Improvement


In order to ensure an ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality educational programs, each NextGen SmartyPants Teacher:
  • Has been trained by NextGen SmartyPants in our check-in and check-out processes
  • Has shadowed and co-taught multiple NextGen SmartyPants classes alongside other NextGen SmartyPants Teachers prior to leading their own programs
  • Possess the technical qualifications necessary to teach the lessons of the courses they lead
  • Has been trained by NextGen SmartyPants in teaching the lessons of the courses they lead
  • Rated on the percentage of their students that re-register for a follow-up NextGen SmartyPants programs as an indication of their abilities to deliver high-quality educational programs to their Students
  • Rated on the percentage of families that would recommend our programs to another family
  • Are compensated higher or significantly higher than the national average for their level of experience
  • Continuously reviewed for ongoing performance improvement


for Improvement?

If you are a Parent of one of our Students and have constructive suggestions for improving our educational programs, we would love to hear from you! At any time, we invite you to submit your suggestions directly to us here. Thank you!

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