NGSS Professional Education

Technology Education for Today's Professionals

Invest In Your Team. Invest In Yourself.

Professional Education from NextGen SmartyPants® gives you and your team the knowledge to succeed in a world that moves at the pace of technology.  With all the technological change over the last decades, many of our parents generation feel left-behind and struggling to catch-up and stay current.  

Now, we are seeing our children growing up in a world where high-speed mobile communications is expected; augmented and virtual reality is commonplace; and voice-controlled homes and automobiles will be a presumption.  In fact, in our children’s programs, we teach Robotics beginning at four years old… imagine where they will be in a few years!  In order to keep up with change and stay relevant in our children’s futures, it is imperative that we adults continue to stay abreast of technology.  But, who has the time for that?!

Adult Technology

Sign up for individual adult education classes for app design, robotics, coding and more. Experienced, engaging teachers teaching classes at our
local Canton Studio.

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Team Building Events

Customized single or multi-day STEAM team building activities on location or in our Canton studio. Experience a unique, robotics team event. We offer custom pricing packages.

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NGSS Professional

Specialized classes for teachers. Learn how to apply STEM/STEAM activities in the classroom and build learning models appropriate for your class’ grade level.

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NGSS Curriculum

Create an industry-leading, hands-on STEM curriculum incorporating engineering and problem solving with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

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That’s why NextGen SmartyPants® provides a series of technology education classes offered in a variety of formats that make it convenient for you and your team to invest in yourselves.  Professional Education programs from NextGen SmartyPants® are short-courses that work with your schedule and give you the tools to understand technology, communicate knowledgeably with your peers, and stay connected with the next-generation.  For Teachers and Education Professionals, NextGen SmartyPants®

Professional Development and Curriculum Development programs help you translate the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to your curriculum and give your students contexts to apply the math skills they learn in your classrooms.  For Executive Administration and Corporate Professionals, NextGen SmartyPants® Professional Education and Team-Building programs give your team the confidence to tear down barriers, build credibility, and effectively communicate with your technical staff.

Fantastic programs with high ROI from NextGen SmartyPants® are available during evenings and weekends.  Or, with a minimum of 10 adults, a member of our team will arrive at your facility and bring the program to you.  To learn more about how Professional Education from NextGen SmartyPants® can impact your organization, click on the links below and drop us a line at (860) 272-4000 or