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We are seeing our children grow up in a world where artificial intelligence is a readily accessible tool, high-speed mobile communications is ubiquitous; augmented and virtual reality are becoming commonplace; and summoning our cars to come pick us up will be a presumption.  To help them prepare for this future, NextGen SmartyPants® teaches Robotics, Coding, Circuits, and other programs beginning at just four years old. So shouldn't our Teachers have the background to take advantage of the advanced capabilities of our students?  

Professional Education from NextGen SmartyPants® gives you and your team the knowledge to succeed in a world that moves at the pace of technology. Click below to learn more about our current Upcoming Programs or Contact Us to make a request for one.

Upcoming Programs

High-Quality STEM education programs specifically designed for today's education professionals


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Teachers

Chat-GPT, Bard, Mid-Journey, Tome, Palm2... What do all these mean? Should we be concerned? How are our students using them? How can we learn to use them too?


Beginner Coding for Elementary & Middle School Teachers

What is the Scratch and the Hour of Code? How are your students using it?  Register for this course to see what it's all about and how you can use it in your classroom.

Professional Education

Not finding the program that you need?  Drop us a line and request for a program, course, or team building event. Programs are offered In-Person in Connecticut or over the web via Live Distance Learning.

Adult Technology Education
Adult Technology

Sign up for individual adult education classes for app design, robotics, coding, CAD, and more. Experienced, engaging teachers lead classes at our local Canton Studio or online.

Corporate Team Building Events
Team Building Events

Experience a unique, robotics team event like Soccer Robotics, Building Towers that touch the ceiling, and more. Customized single or multi-day team building activities held at your location or in our Canton studio.

NGSS Professional Development
NGSS Professional

Specialized classes for teachers. Learn how to apply STEM/STEAM activities in the classroom and build learning models appropriate for your class’ grade level.

NGSS Curriculum Development
NGSS Curriculum

Create an industry-leading, hands-on STEM curriculum incorporating engineering and problem solving with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)