Beginner Coding with Scratch

Beginner Coding with Scratch® is a super-fun way to introduce your child to the wonders of Coding! Drag, drop, click… you’ll be amazed at what they can do!

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Course Information


Grades 4-5

Course Description

Unlock the power of creativity and coding with Scratch! This beginner-friendly course provides a solid foundation in computer programming for students of all ages. Using Scratch's intuitive visual programming environment, you'll learn to create interactive stories, games, animations, and more. Explore essential coding concepts like loops, conditionals, variables, and event handling while unleashing your child's imagination. Whether your child is new to coding or has taken one of our previous levels before, this course is their gateway to a world of digital innovation and self-expression. Join us on a journey of creativity, problem-solving, and endless possibilities with Scratch!

Curriculum Notes

Beginner Coding with Scratch - Levels A-D
Beginner Coding with Scratch is a Level-1 introductory course in Coding and has no prerequisites. NextGen SmartyPants teaches Beginner Coding using the Scratch Graphical Programming Language across four increasingly challenging sub-levels:  

   A - Introduction to Scratch: Sprites, Scripts, Brackdrops, Loops, and Music
   B - Broadcasting, Decisions, and Variables
   C - Clones, Custom Blocks, and Boolean Logic
   D - Controlling Motors and Robotics using Scratch

Students do not need to choose a sub-level prior to enrollment; NextGen Teachers assess experiences on the first day of class and group students accordingly.  Each Level consists of 12-15 hours of lessons, which are delivered once per week in our enrichment Classes or during our one-week long Camps.

Required Pre-Requisites

Grade 4 or Higher

Recommended Pre-Requisites

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