Introduction to Python Robotics

Learn Python and Roobtics through a hands-on project-based learning

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Course Information


Grades 6-8

Course Description

Explore the exciting world of Robotics through the power of Python programming! This introductory course is designed for Middle School Students with limited experience in Robotics and Python. Through hands-on project-based learning and practical exercises, students delve into the fundamentals of robotics, learning to design, build, and program using the Python programming language. Topics covered include robot mechanics, sensor integration, motion control algorithms, and real-world applications. By the end of the course, students have the skills to create and control their own Robotic systems using Python, giving them insights into how Coding, Engineering, Circuits, and Sensor technologies work together to produce robotic systems that they already experience in everyday life.

Curriculum Notes

Robotics provides a systemic overview of how Coding, Engineering, and Circuits work together. Students are recommended to take courses in these technologies as a next step after this course. Students with continued interest in Robotics are recommended to take a higher-level robotics course, after gaining experience with these technologies.

  • Introductory LEGO-based Projects
  • Application of Math at Grade levels 7 and higher
  • Basic Robotics concepts
  • Basic Coding concepts
  • Basic Engineering and Physics concepts
  • Basic Circuits concepts

NextGen SmartyPants courses meet or exceed Common Core and Next-Generation Science Standards for educational excellence.

Required Pre-Requisites

Grade 6 or Higher

Recommended Pre-Requisites

Beginner Engineers
Beginner Coding with Scratch
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