Junior Engineers

Unlock the exciting world of Engineering through hands-on exploration using LEGO® TECHNIC® gears, pulleys, and components!

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Course Information


Grades K-1

Course Description

Junior Engineers is an introductory course that teaches kids basic engineering principles such as gearing mechanisms, springs, and cranks. Students build simple machines like Pulley Puppy Dog, Merry-Go-Rounds, and Hockey Players using brightly colored, large-sized TECHNIC® Gears, Pulleys, Wheels, Axles, and more. Junior Engineers provides eye-opening experiences for kids and builds confidence in their abilities to engineer LEGO® builds that move.

Curriculum Notes

  • Large-Scale TECHNIC-based Projects
  • Application of Math at Grade levels pre-K to 1
  • Introductory Engineering and Physics concepts
  • Levers, Energy, Friction, Disrance

Required Pre-Requisites

Grade KG or 1

Recommended Pre-Requisites

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