Power Machines Robotics

Have fun learning robotics while building some of the powerful machines we see in everyday life!

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Course Information


Grades 2-3

Course Description

Learn Robotics while you build powerful motorized vehicles like trucks, space rovers, helicopters, and more in this super-fun course! Design them to navigate obstacle courses, conduct races, and move mountains of LEGO bricks. Students learn elementary Engineering and Physics concepts like Levers, Forces, and Torque as they construct cool motorized equipment using LEGO gears, pulleys, cams, and axles. Kids connect up simple Circuits using lights, motors, and sensors and then Code their robotics to react to their environment automatically in real-time. Power Machines Robotics provides a fun way for kids to experience how the math skills they learn during the day are applied in real life. Students are organized in groups and led through a series of challenges and design modifications. Complexity of engineering concepts and the math skills required for each group vary by grade-level of the Student. Build, Learn, and VRROOOM!!!

Curriculum Notes

  • LEGO-based Projects
  • Application of Math at Grade levels 2 or higher
  • Introductory Engineering and Physics concepts
  • Introductory Coding concepts
  • Introductory Circuits concepts

Required Pre-Requisites

Grade 2 or Higher

Recommended Pre-Requisites

Junior Engineers
Junior Robotics
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