Star Wars Robotics

Use The Force and learn Robotics as you design Star Wars themed spaceships, and more

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Course Information


Grades 2-3

Course Description

The Empire is amassing; the Rebel fleet will be destroyed if they don't get ready for the onslaught. In this super-awesome course inspired by the Star Wars® movies, Students learn robotics while building and coding Star Wars-themed spaceships, creatures, weapons, and equipment. Teams are asked to modify their design and create a fun story around their projects. Use the Force and save the galaxy from the Dark Side!

Curriculum Notes

Most Students in this age group have also not seen nor understand the Star Wars® story, so they will be provided lessons in space-themed robotics as opposed to those specific to the Star Wars® sagal

  • LEGO-based Projects
  • Application of Math at Grade levels 2-4
  • Introductory Engineering and Physics concepts
  • Introductory Coding concepts
  • Introductory Circuits concepts

All NextGen SmartyPants courses meet or exceed Common Core and Next-Generation Science Standards for educational excellence.

Required Pre-Requisites

Grade 2 or Higher

Recommended Pre-Requisites

Any Level-1 course in Robotics
Beginner Engineers
Beginner Coding with Scratch
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