Star Wars Robotics

Use The Force and learn Robotics as you design Star Wars themed spaceships, and more

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Course Information


Grades 4-5

Course Description

The Empire is amassing; the Rebel fleet will be destroyed if they don't get ready for the onslaught. In this super-awesome course inspired by the Star Wars® movies, Students learn robotics while building and coding Star Wars-themed spaceships, creatures, weapons, and equipment. Teams are asked to modify their design and create a fun story around their projects. Use the Force and save the universe from the Dark Side!

Curriculum Notes

  • LEGO-based Projects
  • Application of Math at Grade levels 5-6
  • Introductory Engineering and Physics concepts
  • Introductory Coding concepts
  • Introductory Circuits concepts

All NextGen SmartyPants courses meet or exceed Common Core and Next-Generation Science Standards for educational excellence.

Required Pre-Requisites

Grade 5 or Higher

Recommended Pre-Requisites

Any Level-1 course in Robotics
Beginner Engineers
Beginner Coding with Scratch
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