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NextGen SmartyPants is proud to provide the highest quality STEM education for our Students!

Norfeldt Elementary School
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Norfeldt Elementary School

After-School Enrichment

Welcome Families!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your children's STEAM education needs. NextGen SmartyPants is excited to be bringing our award-winning STEAM programs to the students of Norfeldt Elementary School.  We invite you to peruse the information contained on this website site so that you gain an understanding of the NextGen SmartyPants curriculum and how it serves your child.

Special Connection with Norfeldt

NextGen SmartyPants was founded by a Parent from Norfeldt Elementary School in 2016. Paras Patani, a Robotics Engineer and Entrepreneur, was inspired by his daughter, Arushi, to use his love of LEGO to create programs that helped her apply her in-school education in a fun and engaging way. NextGen SmartyPants now teaches in many elementary, middle, and high schools across our state, with more than 3000 Students having gone through our programs. Mr. Patani (aka "Mr. LEGO") has been featured in regional and national press and on LEGO Masters - Season 2. Despite these successes, the Norfeldt community will always be linked as a special place we got our start.

Winter-2024 Programs

Amazing Animals Robotics

In Amazing Animals Robotics, students create their own robotic animals.  Build them; code them; and then make them RRROOOAARR!!!  Students have fun and learn about engineering, coding, circuits, and sensors as they build Dinosaurs, Dolphins, Panda Bears, and much more.
Amazing Animals Robotics