Competitive Robotics Team
for Your School

Engage your community, foster school spirit, and invoke the spirit of healthy competition in your high academic achievers! NextGen SmartyPants has everything you need to create a Robotics Team that stays competitive year after year!

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NextGen SmartyPants® provides everything your school or district needs to develop a fully-functioning competitive robotics program. From setting up a playful collaboration for a small group of kids to an outsourced JV and Varsity-level Travel Team that competes at a high-level, NextGen SmartyPants® can put together the program that's most appropriate for your community.

Amazing Benefits for Your Community

Not all kids are great or even interested in athletic sports.

As they progress from Non-competitive to Competitive to Travel Programs, our team can help students qualify and compete in First LEGO® League Robotics and VEX® Robotics in state, regional, national, and worldwide tournaments.

a that gives non-sports oriented kids a place to a

Similar to JV and Varsity sports squads, we work with your staff and curriculum to develop student competencies over time and across multiple grade level sand even mulitple schools.
School Spirit