Women's History Month

Celebrating the strong, confident, inspiring girls that take our STEM Classes, Camps, and programs as they become the leaders of tomorrow!  We love you and encourage you to just keep on being you and to pursue your dreams as far as they will take you!
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Empower Her Dreams This
Women's History Month

Bring a Girl to Spring Break Camp and receive up to $100

This Women's History Month, NextGen SmartyPants is extending the spirit of Women’s History Month to our little girls!  For the month of March, NextGen SmartyPants is encouraging all of our Students and Families to attend our Spring Break Camps, and to bring along a sister or a cousin or a friend that is a girl to try out our STEM programs and enjoy the Camp together!  As long as the girl is someone new to NextGen SmartyPants and has never taken our program before, the Camp will be free for them.  In addition, the family referring them will also receive up to $100 that may be used toward any future NextGen SmartyPants Class or Camp program.  And there is no limit to how many times this promo can be used... bring five additional girls, and your family can receive up to $500! 

How It Works:

  • The new registrant must be a girl that is new to NextGen SmartyPants and has never registered for one our programs before.
  • The referring family must have at least one Student registered for any upcoming Spring Break Camp that we have running during the week of April 8-12, 2024.
  • The new registrant is available to choose any Spring Break Camp that they like.  The Camp must be one that we are running over Spring Break between April 8-12, 2024, and must not already be sold out. The Camps may be Full-day, Morning-only, Afternoon-only, for only 1-day, or all 5-days. The Camp may be in any subject that is being offered that interests them - Robotics, Coding, Engineering, or LEGO Design, as they wish.
  • After they register, just ask them (or their family) to send us an email at hello@nextgensmartypants.com identifying your family as the one that is referring them
  • When they do, they will receive a full refund for the Spring Break STEM program for which they registered.  And, the referring family will receive a discount code, as follows:
  • If the new registrant registered for any Full-day Camp over Spring Break, the referring family will receive a discount code for $100. If the new registrant registered for any Morning-only or Afternoon-only Camp, the referring will receive a discount code for $50.
  • These Discount Codes may used for any future Camp or Class that they choose, including Summer Camps! The Codes may not be used toward Birthday Parties, LEGO Sets, or other NextGen SmartyPants offering. And, all Discount Codes must be used by 9/30/2024, otherwise they will expire with no residual value, so please use them!
  • This promotion may be used as many times as you like. Each new registrant will be welcome for free, and referring families will be provided the appropriate Discount Code, per above, for each new registrant they refer. Each new registrant may only identify one family as the one that is referring them.
  • This promotion celebrating Women's History Month ends on 3/31/2024.
Any other questions or clarifications needed, please email us at hello@nextgensmartypants.com or call us at (860) 272-4000.
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